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Witch Worldwide

The history: In 2015, witches and glam bitches were blessed by the AlyssaPandaEyes and her creation of Witch Worldwide. A body positive, pussy power, and totally wicked brand, Witch Worldwide gives a fresh take on dark goth styles taking inspo anyone from Stevie Nicks to AbFab. With occult power and sik graphic designs on sik fitting silhouettes, these collections empower the bitch or witch within.

Why we love them: Cuz Mercy luvs being an instababe, too. This LA brand puts a twist on da witch shxt by empowering girlz instead of burning them down. We’re totally feeling da feminist/girl power messages while keeping it dark, badazz, and straight up witchy.

One phrase: Head Witch In Charge.

Known For: Witch Worldwide goth clothing, Witch Worldwide graphic designs, Witch Worldwide occult clothing, Witch Worldwide body positive clothing

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