Get dolled up with the our newest and most gorgeous, flirty, n flattering collection cosmetics and beauty products that's perfect for your kawaii, rave, festival, and glam looks at Dolls Kill. Carrying yer favorite beauty brands and a variety of new styles in kawaii makeup, rave makeup, goth lipsticks, punk eye shadows, festival makeup, rainbow eye shadows, loose glitter eye shadows, body glitter, liquid eyeliner for the perfect cat eye, makeup kits and makeup tools like brushes, organizers, bags n more, these cosmetics, tools, and accessories will contour and slay your look while showing off yer glam, rave, festival, punk rock, or goth style.

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What U?ll Find: New Eye Pencils, New Eyeshadow Palettes, New False Eyelashes, Eyeliner, New Loose Eyeshadow, New Colored Eyeliner, New Makeup Kits, New Organizers,  New Bags,  New Glitter,  New Lipsticks