Techno Clothing


Dolls Kill offers a wide range of alternative clothes and options for every fashionista looking to upgrade their wardrobe with the hottest techno clothes.

Techno clothing is a type of fashion that reflects the futuristic and high-tech aesthetic of the electronic dance music culture. It typically features sleek, body-hugging designs in metallic and neon colors, as well as eye-catching patterns and graphics inspired by futuristic technology. Examples of techno clothing items include reflective jackets, iridescent windbreakers, and techno-inspired accessories such as glowing glasses and cyber-punk inspired boots.

The look is edgy, bold, and meant to stand out in a crowd. Whether you're dancing in a rave or exploring the city, techno clothing is a bold statement of individual style and creativity.

Dolls Kill proudly host major brands such as Club ExxNeva NudeWidowCurrent MoodPoster GrlDemoniaNamiliaBasic Pleasure ModeGeneration KissElsie & FreddELiA*sAnother GirlThe Ragged Priest and much more. 

Where to Wear It: You can wear techno outfits to raves, festivals, and concerts, as well as to plenty of other places. Who said you could only wear a techno outfit to a festival?

Our selection of techno outfits is super versatile, making them easy to mix, match, and wear too many places. For example, you can wear a fishnet crop top underneath a t-shirt for a fabulous outfit to wear to lunch or a crop top with a mini skirt for a cute night out on the town with your gals.