Elsie & Fred

The history: A London base company that was created from three siblings, Natalie, Leanne and Ryan. Elsie & Fred is named after their grandparents. Their line is for Devils, Deviants, N' Delinquents. Dressing girls that wanna be exxtra and far from normal.

Why we love them: Every piece is out there and stray from the norm. Got ya looking amazing during festival, rave and event seasons.

One phrase: To take over the world with a love of creativity and expression through clothing?

Where To Wear It: Got ya making glam statements at festivals, events and on vacation. What U'll Find: Elsie & Fred La Bamba Hot Pants, Elsie & Fred Bang Bang Bodysuit, Elsie & Fred Aura Portal Pastel Set, Elsie & Fred Walking In Memphis Set, Elsie & Fred Magnetism Crop Top