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Mercy - Gothic Clothing

Straight from her latest circle jerk with the occult, Mercy is all sorts of mysterious. She's dangerously dark -- her spirit animal is a black cat, loves all things leather, and craves for a touch of goth style. When she's not worshiping Dita Von Teese's milky skin complexion, you can find her blasting goth-metal from her headphones, blogging about gothic style, and writing curious nonsense and drawing pentagrams in her leather-bound spell book.

Feeling like Mercy if: You're an evil mix of Sarah and Nancy from The Craft.

Style breakdown: Gothic Dresses, Emo Clothing, Goth Boots, Goth Shoes, Goth Shirts, Goth Outfits, The Craft, Goth Clothing, Pentagram Tops, Kill Star, Health Goth Style, Gothic Shoes, BDSM, Leather, High Fashion Goth Clothing, Occult Fashion

Popular Brands: Widow, MNML, Current Mood, Demonia, Disturbia, Punk Rave, Kreepsville 666, Dr. Faust

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