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The history: Dickies is an american iconic workwear brand that was started in Texas in 1922 by C. Don Williamson. Originally an overall company, they eventually became a workwear brand focused on high performance and rugged styling. In the 90’s they grabbed the attention of underground fashion and by the 2000’s Dickies had become a staple in streetwear clothing. With their iconic work pants, overalls and tees there is something for every doll.

Why we love them: These classic and iconic styles are made for one of the boys to show off how tuff ya really are babe. Their durable fabrics and high performance styles will have ya ready for whatever comes your way.

One phrase: high performance workwear

Where To Wear It: hanging with the boys, skating around, maxin’ relaxin’, goin’ out, up to know good

What U'll Find: Dickies Checkered Shortalls, Dickies Overall Dress, Dickies Overalls, Dickies Carpenter Pants, Dickies Work Pants
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