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My Willows

The history: Reigning from da sunshine state in Los Angeles, MyWillows wanted to reinvent accessories by combining sunglasses with yer other favorite jewelry things like earrings and necklaces. So they came up with tha sikkest combos, by removing tha side temples of sunnies and substituting dem with really dope materials. Workin’ with different types of chainz, leather, suedes, and natural elements, these sunnies are unlike anything ever before and will definitely make ya unlike the rest.

Why we love them: All about healing, grounding, and spiritual vibez, MyWillows uses natural elements like crystals, smokey quartz, and feathers to surround and frame yer face with tha most positive energy ever. Handmade with luv and with UV protected lens, we know we’ll be keeping zen and our lit vibes behind these eyez.

One phrase: Dare 2 B Different.

Known For: MyWillows Sunglasses. MyWillows Necklaces. MyWillows Accessories. MyWillows Sunglass-Earring-Necklace, MyWillows Sunglassa-Necklace/Back Necklace
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