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Rocket Dog

The history: Rocket Dog was founded right here in sunny California in 1997 and since then has become a top footwear brand for girls. Stayin’ true to their beach roots with their EVA BPA-free products and ever expanding line of casual dresses to boots. Inspired by the girl that effortlessly blends her youthful personality and style to create an original look.

Why we love them: Style conscious but not a slave to fashion. Show off ya goofy side with Rocket Dog shoes to create an original look that’s all your own bb!

One phrase: Pop culture meets subculture - with a twist.

Where To Wear It: on the da beach, adventurin, school daze, with the squad

What U'll Find: Rocket Dog platform sandals, Rocket Dog platform slip-ons, Rocket Dog big top flip-flops, Rocket Dog slip-on sneakers
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