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Lime Crime

The history: Lime Crime Makeup is the baby of badazz make-up artist and model Doe Deere. Known for her over the top makeup, this doll has been involved in creating this brand from product development to artistry. “I started because I couldn’t find the kind of makeup I wanted to see — colorful, magical, cruelty-free!” There was a lack of bright and colorful pigments that didn’t last. To solve this problem, Doe created Lime Crime as the answer.

Why we love 'em: The Lime Crime makeup line brings together the hi-fashion industry with a magikal princess attitude. Lime Crime takes inspiration from magic, unicorns, and legends and contain the most highly pigmented shades and colors that show up true and bright on all skin tones that are long wearing, environmentally friendly and cruelty free! What you see is what you get!

Describe this brand in one word: So bright, it's illegal!

Known For: Lime Crime Lipstick, Lime Crime Velvetines, Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick, Lime Crime Matte Lipsticks, Lime Crime Makeup

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