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Case Taboo

The history: Hailing and causing ruckus from Los Angeles, Case Taboo iz all about makin’ the sikkest and most unique iPhone cases ever. Treating them like an extension of yer swag, these bbz rethink what a case can be. 360 with da wrist when it comes to stirring emotion, these phone cases are fer the fashion forward, wild, and free babes who stunt their phones just as hard as their OOTD.

Why we love them: Cuz what’s a mirror selfie without the raddest phone case, too? We luv how we can go from chic to grunge, while protecting our shit from crazy drops.

One phrase: Will dat bish click over fer me?

Known For: Case Taboo iPhone cases, Case Taboo iPhone 5/5s case, Case Taboo iPhone 6/6s case, Case Taboo iPhone 6 plus/ 6s plus case
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