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Central 23

The history:cuz u always got all tha cutest things bb! Central 23 iz here to make your school days and office supplies less of a drag, cuz they got tons of stationery, supplies and greeting cards filled with memes, pop culture references and celebrity icons. Everyone will know ur always on top of what’s cool when they get a Lizzo birthday card from you or see u plannin your day in a Kardashian diary jorunal.

Why we love them:Cuz theze are iconic cultural moments that we need to how much Kanye loves Kanye and the sweet sound of Kylie Jenner singin, “rissseee and shiiine!”

One phrase: Making Today More Fun Than Yesterday

Known For: Cute Stationery, Planner Notepads, A5 Notebooks, Journal Diaries, Daily Planners, Stickers, Notebooks, Kardashian Notebooks, Notepads, Christmas Cards, Britney Notebooks, BTS Accessories, Drake Accessories, Post Malone Accessories, Mugs, Taylor Swift Accessories, Wrapping Paper, Friends Notebooks, Billie Eilish Notebooks, Funny Cards, Birthday Cards, Pop Culture Greeting Cards

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