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Ivory Jar

The history: In 2011, Ivory Jar broke out into the masses with their aggressive, progressive, provocative brand, with the intention to create a rich presence of dark urban detail. A small dedicated team produces their elegant and provocative products from a Victorian studio in East London. Drawing inspiration from everything seedy, their aggressive narrative is generated within the high fashion league but adherers to an affordable retail market, making their products accessible to all. Ivory Jar has grown at an extraordinary rate, now with over 100 stockist world wide and seeing its designs featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle, to name a few.

Why we love them:Ivory Jar was able to assemble a line that speaks to not just the alternative crowds, but all those who love the dark side. Each design is produced using hand drawn original illustrations and sculptures with inspiration drawn from all the deliciously macabre elements of society and Catholicism, from the London Punk scene to LA's Crips and Bloods, which describes many of the elements of the Urban lifestyle we love.

One phrase: Wear To Death
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