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Maria ke Fisherman

The history: A few years ago back in 2011 in a cloud of street art and fabulousness Madrid pair Victor Alonso and Maria Lemus exploded onto the high fashion scene. Taking a huge look at the clubwear scene they decided to reinvent it. Combining a love for all things futuristic, millennial, and even a dash of the nineties this duo makes clothes for the Internet-loving fast-paced up all night bad betch. They talk a big game but with a celebrity following to match you know that this duo means business.

Why we love them: Inspired by late nights and a non nonsense attitude towards the good life these club rats know what’s good. Reimagining the classics with a totally futuristic spin giving us pieces that as they say “Lil’ Kim would wear skiing”. Fast-paced, fast-talking, and fast-moving these pieces practically talk for you. This team doesn’t want to go home from the club early and trust us when yer wearing these loud designs it would be difficult to do so.

One phrase: Hyped up in hyper speed.

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