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Unicorn Snot

The history: What started as a joke is now every rave be’s best friend! Perfectly formulated glitter gel that will stay on your hair, fce and body all day and night is what this company is all about. Unicorn Snot believe’s life’s not always bout being serious, but having more fun and adding more sparkle to everything!

Why we love them:Honestly, if unicorn snot waz a real thing Kandi would be down to rub it all over our hair, face and body too!

One phrase: M4k3z U $p4RkL3~*~

Known For: Face Glitter, Glitter Festival Makeup, Festival Glitter Face, Glitter Makeup, Chunky Glitter, Chunky Face Glitter, Festival Makeup, Glitter, Body Glitter, Iridescent Glitter, Holographic Glitter, Glitter Gel

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